We proved that it is the leading organization of the industry in AOSB by producing heavy industrial machines. As GİMAS A.Ş.to commit our customers to be the best supplier, we work for the common interests of our employees, suppliers and shareholders to provide high value solutions for our customers.

To accept Total Quality Management System as an endless lifestyle for the journey to make the company successful in the “employees”, “middle”, “customers”, “suppliers”, “environment”, “work safety and health” in technological way.

To continuously improve the performance of the INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT SYSTEM and achieve our goals “Quality & Environment & Business Health Policy”:

Determination of customer needs and expectations as well as satisfaction, to complete the work in the first place and correctly.

To ensure the satisfaction and development of our employees

To provide “Win – Win” relation with our suppliers and our customers

Continuous improvement and development

Respect the environment and the laws

The quality of the service being provided is selected in accordance with the selected production methods, firstly to the environmental management, to the principles of worker health and safety; to provide environment / customer-focused work that satisfactorily transforms our customers’ requests;

To comply with international, national and GIMAS A.Ş. rules with the most restrictive terms. To comply with all legally designated Environmental, Job Health and Work Safety standards.

To ensure the security of our products and activities for our customers / consumers and our employees in the society which we do business. Staying connected with the highest standards.

Raising awareness, training and supervision of our employees that the environment, occupational health and safety of employees are everyone’s responsibility and that our job comes first.

We make the environment, worker health and work safety an important part of our work. to ensure that our employees comply with the rules.

Quality service firstly conforms to the principle of environmental protection and then to work with employees who are educated and principled depending on environment and ethical values ​​with the awareness that this service can be given by qualified and healthy people and support our staff to follow developments in technology and production by providing continuous education with training .

To ensure the continuity of the mutual environmental principle by carrying out a systematic evaluation in the works carried out with the suppliers.