23 Nisan 2014, Çarşamba
Welcome GİMAS A.Ş.

Gimas was established in Ödemiş on the 5th of February 1976 by MSc Mechanical Engineer Şamil Girgin. The workshop had a closed area of 144 sqm and the jobs were carried out by 5 workers with 1 drilling machine, 1 cutting machine and 2 welding machines. The first major job for İzmir Rafinery comprised of the manufacture and erection of a turbo generator building steel structure. Due to the transportation of raw steel from İzmir and then after completion the re-transportation to the site near İzmir, the factory was moved to Menemen, İzmir.

On the 22nd of February 1978 the new workshop in Menemen started with 800 sqm closed area and 4.000 sqm open area. There were 15 workers and the equipment were consisted of 3 drilling machines, 2 cutters, 5 welding machines, plate roller bending machine and sets of heat exchanger jigs.

The main projects were heat exchangers and pressure vessels for Petkim Aliağa refinery. At the time inquiries from the cement plants for mobil cement stock silos introduced Gimas to the cement industry. This requests forced the company to expand its Menemen workshop to 2.000 sqm closed area and increase the working force to 45 as well as new machinery such as lathes, plaines, sand blasting etc.

In 1990 a long them contract/partnership for Lightbrick machines was realised with Hebel Int. GmbH. and since Menemen factory could not be expanded any further, an additional new factory was established in İzmir Atatürk Organised Industrial Area, which has a closed area of 4.000 sqm, on the 22nd of December 1992.

With the turn-key project for major sections of a new cement plant, Batı Söke Cement Factory, the workshop capacity was increased with two new 4.200 sqm factories neighbouring the existing Atatürk Organised Industrial Zone factory of the company.

Gimaş A.Ş. Today;

3 set of Triple Yards of which the total area is 25.000 sqm and 15.000 sqm of this is closed area at the İzmir Atatürk Organised Industrial Zone (A.O.S.B.) as the main Plant, 2 set of yards of which the total area is 6.280 sqm and 2.000 sqm of this is a closed area at Menemen - İzmir, as the auxiliary Plant.

The following personel have been assigned in the Plant;

  • 18 Mech. Eng.
  • 5 Technician
  • 6 Draftsman
  • 9 Administration personnel
  • 2 Mobile Crane + Truck Trailer + Forklift Operator,
  • 48 Machine Tool Operator
  • 42 Welders w/certificate
  • 250 manufacturing staff

Totally 380 employees are under operation.

Our main scope of activities lies in the manufacturing of various machinery construction, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, cyclones, ducting, steel constructions, dust collection filter systems and all associated equipment as required. We carry-out the projects on a complete turn-key basis which includes all the manufacture of machinery and equipment, civil works, mechanical, utilities and electrical and electronic erection works, or even the supply of the key components and parts therefore various steps of the capital investment plants.

GİMAS GİRGİN MAKİNA İMALAT MONTAJ & MÜHENDİSLİK SAN. TİC. A.Ş. Heavy Machinery Manufacturing and Engineering Co.